Who am I?

First of all thanks for visiting the site! For those who don’t know me my name is Ryan Carline and I am a producer living in London but am originally from Chester. Currently I work for Gary Barlow and have worked closely on his solo albums as well as Take That’s albums, singles, TV shows and DVD releases. Ive also been blessed to have worked with a number of other talented artists throughout the years.

My biggest influences and heros would be Quincy Jones, David Frank, Timbaland, Max Martin, Stargate and Dr Luke.

I guess I’m at my happiest when I am making music like most musicians, experimenting with melody and harmony.

As anyone who has come to see me in the studio will tell you I love food, and working in Notting hill means there are plenty of fab places near me where I can enjoy great food. (Not so great prices mind you!)

I like to eat good, organic and real food whenever I can while still finding space for some chocolate and pastries form Gails patisserie of course.

I also love travelling and every year I go to France and Italy and love lying in the sun, eating great food (See I love food), and just soaking up the different cultures and vibes.

I also love going to LA on some of the songwriting trips with the Take That boys and taking a visit to NAMM and some of my American friends.

I just wish I had more spare time but I’m looking forward to carrying on with some songwriting projects I have started and am defiantly excited to see what will come from these projects.